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Historic US-25

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This page consists of a year-by-year history of US-25, including route realignments, business connections, bypasses and other changes to the route.

Year-by-Year History

After intially been left out of the system, the new Toledo-Detroit-Port Huron U.S. Highway is designated US-25. The new highway takes the following routing:
  • Dixie Hwy - From the Ohio state line northerly through Monroe. Sources seem to indicate Dixie Hwy was not a state trunkline prior to 1926.
  • M-10 - Monroe northerly to Dearborn, concurrently with the newly-designated US-24, via Telegraph Rd.
  • Ecorse/Allen Rds/Oakwood Blvd/Fort St - From the intersection of Telegraph Rd & Ecorse Rd in Dearborn, US-25 runs easterly via Ecorse Rd, Allen Rd, Oakwood Blvd and Fort St into downtown Detroit.
  • M-19 - From downtown Detroit, US-25 continues northeasterly via M-19/Gratiot Ave through Mount Clemens and into Port Huron.
(May 15)
New! The new US Highway designations across the state of Michigan officially become effective today, with US-25 superceeding portions of M-10 and M-19 as well as incorporating other previously non-trunkline roadways, as noted above.
(July 11)
New! The Detroit City Council approves the request made jointly by Grover C Dillman, State Highway Dept engineer, and John W Reid, commissioner of public works, to erect route markers on the various streets in downtown Detroit carrying the new U.S. Highway routes. US-25 is to be marked along Oakwood Blvd from the west city limit of Detroit easterly to Fort St, then east along Fort St into downtown to City Hall. From there, US-25 will be posted along Cadillac Square to Randolph St, Randolph St to Gratiot Ave, then northeasterly along Gratiot to the east city limit.
c.1930 The route of Toledo Hwy/Dix Hwy from the intersection of US-24/Telegraph Rd & West Rd to Oakwood Blvd southwest of Detroit is completed and opened to traffic as part of US-25. The former route via US-24 and M-17 retains those designations.
1931–32 US-25 is rerouted from downtown Monroe northerly to follow Dixie Hwy to its end at Telegraph Rd north of Monroe. Previously, US-25 turned westerly in downtown Monroe to US-24/Telegraph Rd and ran concurrently with US-24 from that point.
1933 US-25 is extended northerly from Port Huron along the route of M-29 to end in Port Austin and the M-25 designation is applied to the portion of the former M-29 from Port Austin to Bay City. The M-25 designation was applied to this route for two reasons: First, to avoid having a discontinuous M-29 and, second, to continue the convention begun with US-24/M-24, US-112/M-112 and US-131/M-131.
1936–37 A second, parallel routing of US-25 is created on the south side of Port Huron with the completion of the Electric Ave routing, now carrying southbound US-25 traffic. Northbound traffic remains on Military St.
1940 A new US-25A ("alternate") designation is created on the north side of Port Huron, running primarily via present-day M-25 from Lakeshore Dr southerly to M-51/Pine Grove Ave, then southeasterly along with M-51 back to US-25 in Port Huron. It is presumed this new alternate route is created to allow US-25 traffic access to the newly-completed Bluewater Bridge, which passes over the route of US-25, which runs too close to the shore at that point.
1941–42 A northerly extension of Toledo's Summit St into southeastern Monroe Co is completed to US-25 on the south side of Erie. This new highway is designated US-25A, the second such alternate route for US-25 in Michigan.
c.1945 By 1945, the new US-25A routing in southeastern Monroe Co has been redesignated as US-24A.
1959 The last few miles of gravel-surfaced US-25 are paved, north of Port Hope.
1963 A 30-mile section of I-94 freeway is completed from M-102/Shook Rd (present-day Exit 236) south of Mount Clemens to US-25/Gratiot Ave (present-day Exit 266) near Marysville. US-25 is relocated onto I-94 from M-29/23 Mile Rd to the end of the freeway at Marysville. The former route of US-25 along Gratiot Ave from 23 Mile Rd to Muttonville is redesignated as M-19, with the remainder in St Clair Co being turned back to local control. Also, US-25/Gratiot Ave is signed as "TO I-94" from Detroit to Mount Clemens in the gap between completed freeway segments.
1964 Eight additional miles of I-94/US-25 freeway are completed from the current end of the freeway at US-25/Gratiot Ave near Marysville to M-146 northwest of downtown Port Huron. From there, I-94/US-25 replaces M-146 as the designation along the freeway leading across the Black River to the foot of the Blue Water Bridge. The former route of US-25 through Marysville and Port Huron is redesignated as BUS US-25. In addition, the route of US-25A from the new I-94/US-25 freeway northerly toward Lakeport is redesignated as part of US-25, while the portion of what had been US-25 from Pine Grove Ave northerly to the former US-25A is turned back to local control.
c.1968 Another segment of US-25 is transferred onto its parallel Interstate. This time, the portion of US-25 along Toledo Hwy/Toledo Ave/Dix Hwy and Oakwood Blvd in the Southgate/Lincoln Park/Melvindale and southwest Detroit area is relocated onto nearby I-75 between Exit 34 (Toledo Hwy) and Exit 47 (Clark St).
1973 After only 47 years of existence, MDOT working in conjunction with ODOT in Ohio asks AASHTO and receives permission to completely decommission US-25 in both states. The highway has been largely replaced by I-75 throughout Ohio and into Michigan as far as downtown Detroit. From there northeasterly to Port Huron, US-25 has been functionally replaced by I-94, leaving only the stretch from Port Huron to Port Austin unduplicated. Interestingly enough, however, all portions of US-25 in existence at time of decommissioning remain part of the state trunkline system! The replacement designations are as follows:
  • M-125 - From the Ohio state line northerly to jct US-24 north of Monroe.
  • US-24 - From the northern terminus of M-125 north of Monroe to jct CONN US-24 in Browntown Twp near Woodhaven. (US-24 and US-25 ran concurrently on this segment.)
  • CONN US-24 - Along Toledo Hwy from US-24/Telegraph Rd to I-75 at Exit 34.
  • I-75 - From Exit 34 (Toledo Hwy) to Exit 47 (Clark St) in Detroit. (I-75 and US-25 ran concurrently on this segment.)
  • M-3 - From I-75 at Exit 47 west of downtown Detroit to I-94 at Exit 243 in Chesterfield Twp west of New Baltimore.
  • I-94 - From Exit 243 in Chesterfield Twp to Exit 275 in Port Huron north of downtown. (I-94 and US-25 ran concurrently on this segment.)
  • M-25 - From I-94 in Port Huron northerly to the former northern terminus of US-25 in Port Austin.
In addition, the route of BUS US-25 through downtown Port Huron is also designated as part of the newly-extended M-25.

Additional Information

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