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Highways 40 through 49

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M-46 Western Terminus: Updated Cnr First St (formerly sbd BUS US-31) & Webster Ave in downtown Muskegon
Eastern Terminus: Port Sanilac at M-25 (cnr Main St & Ridge St)
Length: 202.38 miles
Map: Route Map of M-46
Notes: This highway, a major connecting route from Muskegon to Saginaw and into the Thumb, is only one of three cross-peninsular state ("M-numbered") highways in the Lower Peninsula today. The others are M-55 (Manistee-to-Tawas City) and M-72 (Empire-to-Harrisville).
History: c.1920 - At the outset, M-46 runs approximately along its present-day routing from M-13 (later US-131) at Howard City to downtown Saginaw. The two major differences are: 1) the route runs easterly and northerly in a stair-step fashion from downtown Howard City to Amble; and 2) at the Montcalm/Gratiot Co line, M-46 dips south to run through Riverdale and Elwell into downtown Alma, then northeasterly via Michigan Ave into Saint Louis.
1924 - M-46 is extended both easterly and westerly to end at its present-day termini in Muskegon and Port Sanilac. On the western end, M-46 is extended southerly from Howard City via M-13 (later US-131) to Cedar Springs, then due westerly via 17 Mile Rd to meet M-54 (later M-37) at Kent City, jogging northwesterly into Casnovia, then due westerly replacing all of M-43 to end at M-11 (later US-31) in downtown Muskegon, adding 51 miles to the highway's length. On the eastern end, M-46 is extended easterly from Saginaw, via Richville, Kingston, Sandusky and Carsonville to end in Port Sanilac, adding 68 more miles.
1926-30 - From 1926 to 1930, US-131/M-46 is realigned onto a new, more direct alignment between Cedar Rapids and Howard City via Sand Lake and Pierson. The former, stair-step route is turned back to local control.
1934 - The route is realigned between Howard City and Amble to run due westerly from Amble on its present-day alignment along Howard City-Edmore Rd to US-131, then southerly with US-131 to Howard City. The former route is turned back to local control.
1935 - M-46 appears to have become two discontinuous routes in 1935. Until this time, M-46 east of Muskegon follows its present-day route to and with M-37 to Kent City, then easterly via 17 Mile Rd to Cedar Springs, then northerly along with US-131 to Howard City. On the Official 1935 Michigan State Highway Department map, the portion of M-46 between Kent City and Cedar Springs (17 Mile Rd) is shown as not being a marked trunkline and the two portions of M-46 are not connected with each other.
c.1936-37 - Several changes to the route of M-46 occur at this time:
  • M-46 is extended westerly in Muskegon from its terminus at US-31/Peck St via Lakeshore Blvd to end at the Muskegon Lake outlet into Lake Michigan near Pere Marquette Park.
  • M-46 is concurrently designated with M-37 northerly from the Casnovia area to Newaygo, then easterly concurrently with M-82 to US-131 at Howard City, eliminating the discontinuous route.
  • The route of M-46 is also relocated onto a new alignment via Howard City-Edmore Rd (Montcalm Co) and Monroe Rd (Gratiot Co) from the Vestaburg area easterly into downtown Saint Louis. Much of former M-46 is turned back to local control, except for Michigan Ave between the downtowns of Alma and St Louis, which is re-designated as M-177.
1938 - M-46 is realigned onto a more direct route at Six Lakes in north-central Montcalm Co, shaving a mile from the route. The former route is turned back to county control. Also, the concurrent M-46/M-82 designation between Newaygo and Howard City is removed and becomes only M-46. Ironically, this will be redesignated as M-82 when M-46 is rerouted in 1973.
1947 - A minor realigment is completed at Cedar Lake in northeastern Montcalm Co with the former route turned back to local control.
1959 - The western extension of M-46 (c.1936-37 above) is scaled back from the Lake Michigan shoreline at Muskegon. It instead runs concurrently with BUS US-31 through downtown Muskegon, then concurrently with US-16 for approximately 4 blocks to the Lake Michigan ferry docks on Muskegon Lake. Also, a new alignment between Oak Creek and the Newaygo/Montcalm County line is complete, and with the new alignment, the final few miles of gravel-surfaced M-46 are paved.
1961 - With the completion of the US-27 freeway bypassing Alma/St Louis, the concurrent US-27/M-46 designation in St Louis becomes BUS US-27/M-46.
1964 - A new, more direct highway alignment on the south side of Newaygo shaves about 2 miles from the route. A portion of the former route is turned back to local control while other sections are abandoned.
1970 - All of M-47 from M-46 southerly is redesignated as M-52, meaning the former concurrent portion of M-46/M-47 becomes just M-46.
1973 - With the completion of the US-131 freeway northerly past Howard City, M-46 is routed once again into Kent Co. The highway is rerouted concurrently with M-37 easterly from Casnovia to Kent City, then due easterly along the former M-57 routing (which was also the pre-1934 alignment of M-46!) via 17 Mile Rd to US-131 at Cedar Springs, then turns northerly concurrently with US-131 back to the existing M-46 north of Howard City. The formerly concurrent portion of M-37/M-46 (Casnovia to Newaygo via Grant) becomes just M-37, while the former route of M-46 from Newaygo to US-131 at Howard City is redesignated as an extension of M-82 (ironically, this segment had been M-82 prior to 1938).
1984 - The 1959 extension of M-46 through downtown Muskegon and to the (now former) Lake Michigan ferry docks is removed and the western terminus is relocated to its present-day location at Webster-Muskegon Aves (BUS US-31 until 2007) . The concurrent BS I-96/M-46 via Sixth St, Western Ave and Mart St is turned back to local control.
Freeway: Concurrently with US-131 from Cedar Springs at Exit 104 to north of Howard Springs at Exit 120.
Expressway: Concurrently with M-37 from the western limits of Casnovia in far eastern Muskegon Co to the eastern jct of M-37 & M-46 at Kent City.
NHS: Two segments:
  1. From the western terminus at Webster-Muskegon Aves (former BUS US-31) in downtown Muskegon to US-31 on the east side of Muskegon.
  2. From the southern jct of US-131 & M-46 at Exit 104 at Cedar Springs to M-53 north of Marlette.
Weblinks: M-46 @ Michigan Highway Ends - photos of the termini of M-46 at Dan Garnell's excellent Michigan Highway Ends website.

M-47 Southern Terminus: M-46/Gratiot Rd near Shields 4 miles west of downtown Saginaw
Northern Terminus: US-10 six miles east of downtown Midland and 2.5 miles west of Auburn
Length: 14.34 miles
Map: Route Map of M-47
Notes: M-47 has had a somewhat interesting history despite it being a rather unremarkable highway. Today, the only portion of this highway following its original path is the short, 1-1/2 mile segment from M-46 to M-58 west of Saginaw. In the past, however, M-47 was once more than 80 miles in length, reaching as far south as US-16 and later I-96 at Williamston and Webberville and as far north as present-day Bay City State Recreation Area north of Bay City. Major truncations and extensions in the 1960s completely change the face of this highway, with all of M-47 south of M-46 becoming part of M-52 and the portion north of M-58 taking of a former routing of US-10.
History: c.1920 - The original routing of M-47 begins at the Shiawassee/Ingham Co line 3.5 miles south of Perry and proceeds northerly through Perry, Owosso, Oakley, Chesaning and Saint Charles to M-46, then turns due easterly via M-46 to end in downtown Saginaw. As for why M-47 begins at the Shiawassee/Ingham Co line and not at another highway is because a connection into Ingham Co had not been transferred to state control at the time.
c.1924-25 - M-47 is extended southerly from its southern terminus at the Shiawassee/Ingham Co line for 4.5 miles via Perry Rd, then westerly via Moyer Rd into Williamston, and southerly for a short distance via Williamston Rd-Putnam St to terminate at M-16/Grand River Ave (later US-16) downtown. The portion along Moyer & Williamston Rds is considered a temporary alignment by the MSHD until a more appropriate permanent routing is built.
c.1930 - M-47 is extended northerly from Saginaw via the former M-10 routing (present-day M-84/Bay Rd) for 17 miles to end in Bay City.
1933 - The route of M-47 is extended northerly from the six-route confluence of US-23, M-15, M-20, M-24, M-25 & M-47 on the west side of Bay City (cnr of Euclid Ave & Midland Rd) northerly via US-23 for two miles, then northerly to end at M-111 at the Bay City State Park (cnr of Beaver Rd & Euclid Ave).
c.1936-37 - The M-47 routing between Oakley and St Charles is transferred to a more direct, and paved, alignment the west of Chesaning, shaving 3 miles from the route with the former route transferred to local control.
1937 - The M-47 designation replaces all of M-111 between Bay City State Park and US-23/Midland St in Bay City, creating a highway which heads northerly from Bay City via Euclid Ave, completes a 1/2-mile long "U-Turn" at Bay City State Park, then heads southerly back into Bay City along State Park Rd. Now, not only does M-47 run concurrently with US-23 for two miles west of Bay City, but it also now terminates at US-23 about a mile east of its first meeting with that highway!
1940 - Just in time for wartime neglect, the final 13 miles of gravel-surfaced M-47, from Perry to Williamston, are paved.
1950 - In 1950, sources indicate all of M-47 south of Perry reverts to gravel-surfaced (it had been paved since 1940). This is likely due to rough use during wartime as well as little maintenance due to construction shortages.
1951-52 - The southern terminus of the highway is moved east four miles to end at US-16/Grand River Ave four miles east of Williamston (two miles west of Webberville). The route of M-47 is shortened by 3 miles and the former (temporary) route is turned back to local control. With the realignment, the highway between Perry and Sherwood Rd east of Williamston is re-paved. The final few miles are hard-surfaced by 1952.
1960 - With the opening of the I-75/US-10/US-23 freeway between Saginaw and Bay City, US-10 is rerouted northerly to Bay City, then westerly (via the M-20 freeway) to Midland. The former route of US-10 north of the Midland Rd & State St intersection west of Saginaw is redesignated as an extension of M-47 to north of Freeland. Approximately one mile north of Freeland, a new two-lane, limited-access 'expressway' running due northerly to the US-10 (formerly M-20) freeway is completed and designated M-47. What had been designated US-10/M-47 via State St becomes a westerly extension of M-81, while the former route of M-47 from Saginaw to Bay City is redesignated as M-84. The formerly concurrent US-23/M-47 along the west side of Bay City becomes part of an M-13 extension (US-23 moves to the new freeway to the west), while the portion from M-13 (formerly US-23) to Bay City State Park is redesignated as M-247, in reference to its former designation. What had been part of M-47 from Bay City State Park southerly back into Bay City (the former M-111 from before 1933) is turned back to local control.
1962 - With the completion of I-96 in mid-Michigan, the US-16 designation is replaced east of Lansing by M-43. From the fomer southern terminus of M-47 at M-43/Grand River Ave west of Webberville, both M-43 and M-47 extend easterly via Grand River to Stockbridge Rd approximately one mile west of Webberville, then southerly for less than a mile where both highways terminate at I-96 (Exit 122).
1969 - The majority of the route of M-47 is redesignated as a northerly extension of M-52. From the western junction of M-46 & M-47 five miles east of Hemlock southerly to I-96 near Webberville, M-47 becomes M-52, meeting the newly completed M-46 between Webberville and M-36. The former M-46/M-47 west of Saginaw becomes just M-46.
1970 - The two-lane, limited-access M-47 expressway is upgraded to full freeway standards (four-lane, divided, full access control) from US-10 southerly to Midland Rd north of Freeland, coinciding with the completion of an interchange at Salzburg Rd.
Freeway: From Midland Rd approximately one mile north of Freeland to US-10 between Auburn and Midland.
Expressway: No portion of M-47 is expressway.
NHS: Entire route.
Weblinks: M-47 @ Michigan Highway Ends - photos of the termini of M-47 at Dan Garnell's excellent Michigan Highway Ends website.

M-48 Western Terminus: I-75 at Exit 373, 1-1/2 miles east of Rudyard
Eastern Terminus: M-134, 9.9 miles west of DeTour Village and 6 miles south of Goetzville
Length: 43.75 miles
Map: Route Map of M-48
Notes: Until 1949, M-49 continued westerly from Rudyard through Trout Lake and Rexton, then northwesterly to Newberry. Between 1949 and 1960, M-48 ran southerly from east of Rexton to end at US-2 in Epoufette. Then in 1960, all of M-48 west of US-2 (present-day H-63/Mackinac Trail) at Rudyard was removed from the state highway system.
When originally constructed, I-75 did not feature an interchange at M-48. Rather, M-48 passes over I-75 and continues westerly to H-63/Mackinac Trail, then northerly via Mackinac Tr to Rudyard before turning back easterly to meet up with I-75 at Exit 373—resulting in a kind of "U-Turn" routing at its western end. Some discussion of building a full or partial interchange at the M-48 overpass over I-75 has occurred in recent years, however.
History: c.1920 - The original M-48 routing begins at M-12 (later US-2) at "Caffey Corner," four miles east of Rexton (present-day intersection of Hiawatha Tr & Trout Lake Rd) and heads easterly toward Trout Lake. The first three-quarters of the distance from Caffey Corner to Trout Lake runs along a road that is today a minor two-track route through the forest—the last quarter of the distance runs along present-day H-40/Trout Lake Rd. From Trout Lake, M-48 heads easterly through Fibre to Rudyard, then southerly and easterly to meet with M-12 (later US-2, then M-121, now M-129) near Pickford. M-48 continues southerly via M-12 for 4 miles, then "stairsteps" to the southeast through Goetzville to end at Detour Village.
1927 - M-48 is extended by 35 miles to the northwest when it continues westerly from its former western terminus via the newly-designated US-2 (formerly M-12) for 7 miles to Garnet, then northerly through Hendricks Quarry to meet M-28 eleven miles east of Newberry. M-48 then runs westerly via M-28 into Newberry, then northerly for an additional four miles to a "northwestern terminus" at Four Mile Corner (present-day cnr of M-123 & H-37/Deer Park Rd).
1930 - A new highway alignment of M-48 opens beginning at US-2 at Caffey Corner and running northerly then easterly toward Trout Lake, replacing the present-day "two-track" route referred to in the 1920s listing above.
1934 - A new alignment of M-28 opens south of Newberry bypassing the town, and the former route M-28/M-48 becomes, in part, M-48/M-28A through Newberry.
1940 - US-2 is rerouted between the Gould City area and Epoufette to run along the Lake Michigan shoreline and the concurrent US-2/M-48 routing becomes solely M-48. (The former US-2 along Hiawatha Trail west of M-48 at Rexton is turned back to local control.) Also, M-134 is completed through to M-48 west of Detour Village.
1949 - The route of M-48 is shortened by 26 miles on its western end when it is rerouted southerly from the Rexton area via the route of M-117 (replacing it) to end at US-2 at Epoufette. The former M-48 westerly through Rexton and Garnet, then northerly to M-28 at McLeod's Corner is turned back to county control. Old M-48 from Roberts Corner southeast of Newberry through Newberry to Four Mile Corner becomes a portion of the newly relocated M-117. With the displacement of M-117 by the rerouted M-48, M-117 was relocated to run from US-2 at Engadine to Four Mile Corner north of Newberry. Another 9 miles is shaved from M-48 in the Detour area on the route's eastern end. A newly-constucted portion of M-134 opens along the Lake Huron shore into Detour Village, and M-48 is routed southerly via the former M-134 for two miles to end at M-134 six miles south of Goetzville.
1960 - The route of M-48 is shortened by another 42 miles when all portions west of US-2 at Rudyard are turned back to county control, with the exception of one mile of the former M-48 along Tahquamenon Trail, which becomes a portion of the new M-123.
1963 - With the completion of the I-75/US-2 freeway in the eastern U.P. in the Fall of 1963, M-48 is extended for a change. From its 1960-63 western terminus at US-2 three miles south of Rudyard, it is routed north along Old US-2/Mackinac Tr to Rudyard, then east for two miles to end at I-75/US-2 at present-day Exit 373.
Freeway/Expwy: No portion of M-48 is freeway or expressway.
Circle Tour: Lake Huron Circle Tour: From the eastern terminus of M-48 at M-134 to the northern jct of M-48 & M-129 north of Pickford.
Weblinks: M-48 @ Michigan Highway Ends - photos of the termini of M-48 at Dan Garnell's excellent Michigan Highway Ends website.

M-49 Southern Terminus: Ohio state line (connection with SR-49) 3.8 miles south of downtown Camden
Northern Terminus: Litchfield at M-99 (cnr Chicago St & Marshall St)
Length: 25.41 miles
Map: Route Map of M-49
Notes: M-49, which has followed the same route for its entire existence, is a "numerical continuation" of Ohio's SR-49. The Ohio route begins in Dayton and continues up the west side of that state before it connects with M-49 at the state line.
History: c.1929-30 - M-49 is added to the state highway system, running from the Ohio state line north to M-9 (present-day M-99) at Litchfield.
1939-46 - M-49 runs concurrently with M-120 for 1/2 mile just north of the Ohio state line.
1946 - The concurrent routing with M-120 is removed when M-49 is slightly realigned south of Camden to smooth out two sharp curves.
Freeway/Expwy: No portion of M-49 is freeway or expressway.
Continue on: SR-49 into Ohio - John Simpson's Ohio Highways Website
Weblinks: M-49 @ Michigan Highway Ends - photos of the termini of M-49 at Dan Garnell's excellent Michigan Highway Ends website.


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