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Replacement Sign...

I'm not trying to be picky, but a recent sign replacement by MDOT really got my dander up. An exit gore sign along the southbound US-131 C/D lane at the M-6/South Beltline interchange (US-131 sbd to M-6 ebd) south of Grand Rapids, Michigan. There are no less than six errors on this one sign! Plus, this is the third sign at this location in four years. The original sign was placed in 2004 upon the opening of the South Beltline. Two years later in 2006, all the new signs placed in 2004 were replaced with ones bearing the Clearview font. Then in April 2008, an errant vehicle took out half of the sign after the driver decided not to utilize the ramp in the proper manner...

New US-131 & M-6 Sign
The latest version of the sign with all of the problems. Photo taken May 18, 2008.
Photo ©2008 Christopher J. Bessert. All Rights Reserved.

Original US-131 & M-6 Sign
The "original" sign at this location, in existence from 2004 to 2006.
Photo ©2008 Christopher J. Bessert. All Rights Reserved.