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M-22 & M-109 junction route signage in Glen Arbor, Michigan

Other Sites

Other websites I, the Michigan Highways author and webmaster, have also created, authored and/or maintain include:

Wisconsin Highways - Very similar to the Michigan Highways website, the Wisconsin Highways website is a sister site dedicated to the state just west of Michigan. Wisconsin was the first state to number and post its state trunkline system. This site chronicles that entire system.

Ontario Highways - Although the Province of Ontario shares a rather long boundary (completely in the water, although!) with the State of Michigan, it's highway system has had a different history. In recent history, the Ontario highway system has undergone massive change and the Ontario Highways website chronicles those changes.

Chris Bessert Site - My personal website, including a portfolio of cartographic and website projects.

The Bessert Family Website - My personal family website.

The Kopydlowski Family Website - A website for my extended family on my mother's side.

Allegan County Economic Development Commission - A website I designed and created from scratch for the Allegan County EDC.

Allegan County Tax Maps - A website I designed and created from scratch to host the online tax maps for Allegan County.

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