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M-98 is a former state trunkline route existing from c.1919 until November 22, 1960.
Western Terminus*:    M-77 in downtown Germfask
Eastern Terminus*:    M-28 near East Lake, 1½ miles east of McMillan Corner and 2½ miles southeast of McMillan
Final Length*: New! 16.383 miles
Maps: Route Map of Former M-98
Notes: New! *The termini and final length for M-98 reflect the beginning and ending of the route and its length as of the time of its decommissioning in late 1960.
  New! M-98 is a state trunkline highway route dating back to the earliest moments of the signed and publicly-recognized trunkline system in 1919. Much of what was later signed as M-98 in Luce Co was determined as a state trunkline highway route in 1915, while a westerly extension into Schoolcraft Co to Germfask would officially take place in 1919. However, the main east-west highway route across the north half of the Upper Peninsula—basically today's M-28—had several major segments missing for many years, and although designated M-98 on official State Highway Dept maps from at least 1919 or earlier, the route itself was signed as M-25 (the original route designation for M-28 east of Marquette) in its earliest years.
  New! In "State Trunkline Needs, 1960–1980," a set of maps prepared by the State Highway Dept's Office of Planning, Programming Division in 1960 showing possible additions, upgrades and improvements to the state trunkline system over the ensuing twenty years, MSHD staff recommended one major change to the route of M-98 during that timeframe: get rid of it. The planners' sole suggestion was to completely transfer the entire route of M-98 to county control. Within months M-98 was decommissioned and this recommendation by the state highway planning staff came to fruition.
History: 1915 (Aug 27) New! – The Luce Co portion of the route of what would eventually become M-98 is officially determined as a state trunkline highway, generally along its eventual path, from the Schoolcraft Co line easterly via present-day H-44/Co Rd 98 to Helmer, then northerly via H-33/Co Rd 135, easterly along Co Rd 429, and northerly on Co Rd 365 to McMillan Corner. At this time, however, the route is designated as part of T.L. 25 (Trunk Line 25).
  1919 (Dec 4) New! – The remainder of the eventual route of M-98 is added to the state trunkline system in Schoolcraft Co. Beginning at the western end of the Luce Co segment added in 1915, 3.6 additional miles of present day H-44/Ten Bridges Rd from the Luce Co line to Germfask is determined as trunkline. Official State Highway Dept maps from this time period indicate this trunkline is designated as M-98, although with nearby M-25 (today's M-28) yet to be constructed, this segment is likely also signed as part of M-25 in the field at this point.
  1924 (Jan 25) New! – The westerly continuation of M-25 (present-day M-28) from the Luce Co line to M-77 at Seney is officially determined as a state trunkline highway route as the McMillan-to-Seney link in the overall route. Until this point, M-25 traffic had been using the M-98 route as a temporary connection between McMillan and Seney and will continue to do so until the McMillan-to-Seney segment of M-25 is completed and opened to traffic. However, it seems M-98 itself is finally signed on the route from McMillan Corner southerly to Helmer, then westerly to M-77 at Germfask during 1924, alongside the tempoary M-25 designation.
  1926 (Summer) New! – The McMillan-to-Seney segment of M-25 (soon to be redesignated as part of an extended M-28) is completed and opened to traffic, thus removing the temporary M-25 detour designation from the entirety of M-98.
  1933 (May 25) New! – A new 13-mile long state trunkline highway is determined beginning at M-98 at Helmer in southwestern Luce Co and heading southerly through Curtis toward US-2 northwest of Gould City in western Mackinac Co. This new trunkline is designated M-135. While some sources indicate the M-135 designation also continues northerly and easterly from Helmer along M-98 to end at M-28 at McMillan Corner, official State Highway Dept maps and other official sources seem to indicate this is not the case and that the northern terminus of M-135 is at M-98 at Helmer.
  1949 (Nov 10) New! – A new, more direct 2.7-mile long alignment for M-28 from McMillan in southwestern Luce Co is completed and opened to traffic, replacing the existing 3.7-mile long route southerly from McMillan to McMillan Corners (jct M-98), then easterly to East Lake. The segment of former M-28 from McMillan southerly to McMillan Corners (present-day Co Rd 415) is redesignated as a northerly extension of M-135, while the 1.53-mile segment of former M-28 from McMillan Corner easterly to the relocated M-28 at East Lake is signed as an easterly extension of M-98. M-98 and M-135 are signed concurrently for 3.4 miles between Helmer and McMillan Corner. M-98 now also reaches its maximum length as a state trunkline route.
  1957 (Dec 1) New! – A new alignment for M-98 from McMillan Corner in southwestern Luce Co is completed and opened to traffic. Running westerly from McMillan Corner, the new M-98 route continues for ½ mile then arcs southerly through a broad, sweeping curve before heading due south for 0.85 mile back to the original alignment of M-98 & M-135 (at present day cnr Co Rd 135 & Co Rd 429). The former 2.1-mile long route of M-98/M-135 along present-day Co Rd 429 and Co Rd 365 is turned back to county control. Also transferred to county control the same time is the 2.2-mile long segment of M-135 (present-day Co Rd 415) from McMillan Corner northerly to current M-28 in downtown McMillan, taking M-135's northern terminus back to is pre-1949 ending at M-98 near Helmer.
  1960 (Nov 22) New! – The entire 16.0-mile long route of M-98 is transferred to county control and the M-98 route designation is officially decommissioned. The companion route to M-98 in the Manistique Lakes area, M-135, was decommissioned as well, 3½ months prior.
  1970-71 New! – All of former M-98 from Germfask easterly to M-28 southeast of McMillan is added to the new Intercounty Highway system. From M-77 at Germfask easterly to the jct with former M-135 at Helmer, the former M-98 is now signed as H-44, while from Helmer northerly and easterly through McMillan Corner to M-28 is now part of H-33.
Controlled Access: New! No portion of M-98 upon decommissioning existed as freeway or expressway.
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