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Former US-27
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Southern Terminus:    I-75 at Exit 313 between Indian River and Topinabee
Northern Terminus:    US-23 in downtown Cheboygan (cnr Main St & State St)
Length: 16.729 miles
Map: Route Map of M-27
Notes: M-27 was formerly a segment of US-27 before that route was replaced by I-75 north of Grayling in 1961.
  Although, historically, some commercial road maps have shown M-27 continuing south from I-75 through Indian River to end at M-68, this is most definitely not the case. In fact, the M-27 designation has never existed south of I-75 at Indian River, and the portion of Straits Hwy through town was turned back to local control in November 1962 soon after US-27 was removed from that route.
  New! 2023-04 In October 1982, the Reflective Systems Unit of MDOT began reviewing the state trunkline sytem and "discovered a substantial number of dual and some triple routing on both the free access and limited access system." The result of which was forwarded to "the Trunkline Numbering Committee in an attempt to reduce as much of this unnecessary routing as possible in an attempt to avoid driver confusion and save funds." That December, the MDOT Traffic & Safety Division stated "We recommend removal of M-33 between M-27 and US-23." In March 1983, the Supervising Engineer of the Reflective Safety Unit concurred and recommended to the Trunkline Numbering Committee those changes be implemented. The M-33 signs along M-27 were likely removed in 1983 or 1984.
  In "State Trunkline Needs, 1960–1980," a set of maps prepared by the State Highway Dept's Office of Planning, Programming Division in 1960 showing possible additions, upgrades and improvements to the state trunkline system over the ensuing twenty years, MSHD staff recommended absolutely no upgrades or modifications to M-27 during that timeframe. Not surprisingly, the route and composition of M-27 today looks very much like it did in the early 1960s!
History: 1913 (July 5) New! 2024-02 – The first portion of Trunk Line 27 (T.L. 27) to be established as a state trunkline highway come in four segments in Washington, Bridgehampton and Marion Twps (outside of any incorporated villages) in Sanilac Co in Michigan's Thumb. Those segments are:
  • A 0.5-mile section of Sherman Rd from Townsend Rd on the Lexington/Washington Twp line northerly to the Applegate southern village limit.
  • A 6.2-mile segment from the Applegate western village limit westerly along Applegate Rd, then northerly and northwesterly via Phipps Rd, jogging easterly along Washington Rd, then northerly again on Phipps Rd to the Carsonville southern village limit.
  • A 9.0-mile portion from the Carsonville northern village limit northerly via Maple Grove Rd, then westerly on Snover Rd and notherly again along Ruth Rd to the Deckerville southern village limit.
  • A 4.2-mile segment from the Deckerville northern village limit northerly along Ruth Rd to the Russell Rd on the Marion/Delaware Twp line.
  1913 (July 19) New! 2024-02 – Just two weeks after it was established as part of T.L. 27, an 8½-mile section from the Carsonville north village limit northerly via Maple Grove, Snover and Ruth Rds is cancelled as a state trunkline. Simulaneously, a new 8.5-mile segment is established running northerly from Carsonville along Maple Grove Rd for 3½ miles—one mile farther north than previously—then turning westerly along Forester Rd (parallel to and one mile north of Snover Rd), then northerly again via Ruth Rd to Downington Rd on the Bridgehampton/Marion Twp line, ½ mile south of the Deckerville village limit. (In the end, 53% of this newly-established route runs along the same roadways as the cancelled route.)
  1913 (Aug 14) New! 2024-02 – Less than a month later and more than 67 miles away, the next segment of T.L. 27 is established in Macomb Co from Gratiot Ave (T.L. 19, later M-19 and US-25) near Chesterfield and proceeding easterly along 23 Mile Rd into New Baltimore and then along Main St through the downtown area to County Line Rd at the (then-)Macomb/Saint Clair Co line, a total of approximatley 5½ miles. ("Approximately," because the trunkline establishment includes both a portion of T.L. 19 along Gratiot Ave from Henry B. Joy Blvd north of Mount Clemens northeasterly to 23 Mile Rd, then easterly along T.L. 27 through most of New Baltimore, for a total of 9.5 miles of newly-established trunkline.)
  1913 (Sept 5) New! 2024-02 – The portion of T.L. 27 within St Clair Co, with the exception of segments through incorporated communities, is established in four segments:
  • From near Murdick Dr in the eastern part of New Baltimore, T.L. 27 heads easterly via present-day M-29 through Anchorville and Fair Haven to Perch Rd near Perch Point, easterly on Perch Rd, then northerly via Mayer Rd, easterly along Shea Rd, northerly via Marsh Rd, and easterly again along Chartier Rd to King Rd on the west edge of Marine City, a total of 13.0 miles
  • From the Marine City north city limit northerly along present-day M-29/River Rd, northeasterly via Point Dr through East China, then through the present-day DTE (Detroit Edison) St Clair Power Plant along a new-obliterated roadway, then northerly via Chamberlain Dr and again northerly via present-day M-29/River Rd to the Saint Clair southern city limit, a distance of 5.0 or 5.8 miles (records disagree).
  • From the Saint Clair north city limit northerly along River Rd to Ravenswood Rd on the Port Huron south city limit, 6.8 miles.
  • And from Holland St on the Port Huron north city limit northwesterly via Pine Grove Ave (present-day M-25 and present-day M-136), westerly along Keewahdin Rd through Gardendale, northerly via State Rd to near Lakeport, then westerly along Burtch Rd to Blaine, northerly again via Wildcat Rd to the St Clair/Sanilac Co line north of Jeddo, 16.2 miles.
  1914 (Jan 7–8) New! 2024-02 – T.L. 27 is extended through northern Sanilac Co and into Huron Co to Harbor beach over the course of two days. First, on January 7, a 6.0-mile segment of T.L. 27 is established along Ruth Rd from Russell Rd on the Marion/Delaware Twp line northerly to the Sanilac/Huron Co line at Huron Line Rd, then northerly into Huron Co for another 6.2 miles along Ruth Rd from the county line through the community of Ruth to Helena Rd on the Sherman/Sand Beach Twp line. Then, the next day on January 8, T.L. 27 is extended northerly for 3¼ miles along Ruth Rd from Helena Rd to Sand Beach Rd, then east-northeasterly via Sand Beach Rd (present-day M-142) for 4¼ miles to the Harbor Beach west city limit.
  1914 (July 9) New! 2024-02 – The remainder of T.L. 27 in southeastern Sanilac Co is established in three segments:
  • From the St Clair Co line at Fisher Rd north of Jeddo northerly along WIldcat Rd to Peck Rd (present-day M-90) between Lexington and Croswell, then westerly via Peck Rd to the Croswell city limit at Croswell Rd, 8.2 miles.
  • From the Croswell north city limit northerly via Croswell Rd to Townsend Rd on the Lexington/Sanilac Twp line. (There is a 0.46-mile gap in the established trunkline route along Townsend Rd from Croswell Rd easterly to State Rd, likely due to mapping errors.)
  • Then from Townsend Rd northerly for a mile to Applegate Rd and westerly along Applegate Rd to Goetze Rd on the Applegate east village limit. (Interestingly, the ½ mile portion of Sherman Rd from the Applegate south village limit southerly to Townsend Rd also remains a part of the established route for T.L. 27 for the time being.)
  1915 (Dec 10–30) New! 2024-02 – The 8.0-mile section of T.L. 27 in southern St Clair Co between Perch Point and Marine City in Ira and Cottrellville Twps along Perch, Mayer, Shea, Marsh and Chartier Rds is cancelled as a state trunkline route on December 10, although the replacement route to fill the gap isn't immediately established. Then, twenty days later on December 30, the 6.6-mile segment of present-day M-29 via Dyke Rd and Point Tremble Rd from Perch Point southeasterly and southeasterly through Pearl Beach to the Algonac west city limit is established as part of T.L. 27, as is the 4.7-mile section of present-day M-29/River Rd from the Algonac north city limit to the Marine City south city limit.
  1917 (Jan 25) New! 2024-02 – The 22.8-mile section of T.L. 27 in northeast Huron Co between Harbor Beach and Port Austin is established, not including portions within incorporated communities. From the Harbor beach north city limit, a 6.4-mile segment is established north-northwesterly along Old Shore Rd, then via the present-day M-25 corridor to Ruppel Rd, then north-northwesterly on Ruppel Rd to Heinemann Rd on the Port Hope south village limit. Then from the Port Hope north village limit northwesterly for 16.4 miles generally along the present-day M-25 corridor through Huron City and past Grindstone City to the Port Austin east village limit.
  1917 (Aug 13) New! 2024-02 – A 7.0-mile section of T.L. 27 in northeast St Clair Co from Gardendale to west of Lakeport is cancelled and replaced by a new, shorter 6.7-mile route through the hamlet of North Street. From Keewahdin Rd at Gardendale, T.L. 27 along State Rd to Burtch Rd, then westerly via Burtch Rd to North Rd is turned back to local control, while Keewahdin Rd from State Rd westerly to North Rd and North Rd northerly to Beard Rd—which had been established as part of T.L. 19 for a six-week period in 1913—then North Rd from Beard Rd through the community of North St to Burtch Rd is established as part of T.L. 27.
  1919 (May 28, June 3–11) New! 2024-02 – Six segments of T.L. 27 running through incorporated communities in Sanilac and Huron Cos are officially established, filling gaps in the continuous route of T.L. 27, over the course of three days:
  • On May 28, the 2.7-mile portion through the City of Croswell is established from the east city limit at Croswell Rd, westerly via Peck Rd, then northerly through downtown along Howard St, easterly via Harrington Rd, and northerly again via Croswell Rd to the north city limit at Seltzer Rd is established as is the 1.0-mile section through the Village of Applegate along Main St from the east village limit to the west village limit.
  • Then on June 3, a 1.5-mile trunkline segment along Huron Ave from the Harbor Beach south city limit to the north city limit is established, as is the 1.1 miles of T.L. 27 through Port Hope from Heinemann Rd northerly along Main St to Dean St, then northwesterly via Main St through downtown to the north village limit, and a 0.75-mile section in Port Austin from the east village limit at Independence Ave westerly via Grindstone Rd (present-day M-25) to Lake St–Van Dyke Rd (T.L. 19, present-day M-53).
  1919 (Sept 17) New! 2024-02 – T.L. 27 is realigned in Sanilac Co between Croswell and Carsonville onto a new stairstep route, although one which is a bit more direct than the existing route. From Croswell, the 4.3-mile portion of the route from Howard St easterly along Harrington Rd, then northerly via Croswell Rd to Townsend St on the Lexington/Sanilac Twp line, the 9.2-mile segment of T.L. 27 from Townsend Rd northerly along State Rd, then westerly via Applegate Rd and Main St through Applefate and northerly along Phipps Rd, jogging easterly along Washington Rd, then northerly again via Phipps Rd to the Carsonville south village limit, and the 0.5-mile section of Sherman Rd from Townsend Rd northerly to the Applegate south village limit are all cancelled as state trunkline segments. (Interestingly, the Harrington and Croswell Rds in Croswell and the Main St segment through Applegate had only been established less than four months prior!) Simultaneously, a new 11.5-mile route for T.L. 27 is established from Harrington Rd in Croswell northerly via Howard St and Graham Rd, jogging westerly along Aitken Rd, northerly again through Applegate via Sherman Rd/Sherman St, westerly on French Line Rd, then northerly via Phipps Rd to the Carsonville south village limit.
  1920 (Mar 18) New! 2024-02 – Three segments of T.L. 27 inside city limits in St Clair Co are officially established as state trunkline routes:
  • A 0.45-mile segment of S Riverside Ave in Saint Clair from the south city limit northerly.
  • A 0.8-mile portion of N Riverside Ave in Saint Clair from Brown St northerly to the north city limit.
  • A 1.1-mile section of Pine Grove Ave from Chuch St in northwest Port Huron north-northwesterly to the city limit at Holland St.
  1920 (Apr 15–30) New! 2024-02 – T.L. 27 is signed in the field as M-27 as all state trunkline highways in the Lower Peninsula are scheduled to be signed with route markers during the last half of April. However, as the trunkline has not yet been completely officially established through the incorporated communities of New Baltimore, Algonac, Marine City, Saint Clair, Port Huron, Carsonville and Deckerville, the route is signed along streets still under municipal jurisdiction (not an uncommon occurrence at the time).
  1920 (May 21) New! 2024-02 – The entirety of M-27 through the City of Marine City in St Clair Co is officially established as a trunkline route: From the south city limit south of Thompson Dr, northerly via Parker Rd, easterly on Chartier Rd, northerly along Belle River Ave, easterly on Bridge St across the Belle River, northeasterly via Main St to the north city limit north of Woodworth St.
  1921 (Mar 19) New! 2024-02 – The earlier "doubled-up establishment" through the City of Harbor Beach in Huron Co along Huron Ave from the south city limit to the north city limit—concurrently with the establishment of M-27 along Huron Ave from State St north to the north city limit from June 1919—is cancelled as a state trunkline route, likely correcting an establishment error.
  1922 (June 20) New! 2024-02 – The final 1.0-mile section of M-27 in New Baltimore not yet officially established as a state trunkline route is established along Main St from County Line Rd northeasterly to approximately Murdick Dr.
  1923 (Nov 30) New! 2024-02 – The 2.16 miles of M-27 through the City of Algonac in St Clair Co is established as a state trunkline route from the west city limit, southeasterly and northeasterly to the north city limit.
  1926 Updated 2024-02 – The final plan for the U.S. Highway system in the State of Michigan is adopted causing many modifications to other routes affected by those changes. The entire route of M-27 is to be replaced by other designations. From M-19/Gratiot Ave—to be redesignated as US-25—to Port Huron, via Algonac, the route becomes a portion of a new Chesterfield Twp-to-Bay City routing of M-29. From Port Huron to M-31 (present-day M-142) via Croswell, Applegate, Carsonville, Deckerville and Ruth, M-27 is replaced by a new M-51 routing. The portion from the former M-31 & M-27 jct into Harbor Beach becomes part of a new M-83, while the last stretch from Harbor Beach to Port Austin becomes another portion of the new M-29. It would be 35 years before another M-27 would be designated in Michigan.
  1927 (Mar 26) New! 2024-02 – The two 1.0-mile segments of M-27 through the villages of Carsonville and Deckerville in Sanilac Co are both officially established as state trunkline routes, along the Main Sts in both villages from the south to the north village limits.
  1927 (May 2) New! 2024-02 – Road crews erect temporary cardboard route markers over the existing state trunkline route markers for all new US Highways and changed state highways as a result of the new US Highways. As noted in the 1926 listing above, M-27 is replaced in its entirety by the M-29, M-51 and M-83 designations. (The State Highway Dept plans to have permanent markers in place by midsummer.)
  1961 (Dec 1) Updated 2024-02 – The present-day M-27 debuts when US-27 is scaled back by a total of 81 miles from Cheboyan to Grayling (US-27 had already been scaled back 16½ miles from Mackinaw City to Cheboygan three months prior). The portion of the former US-27 between I-75 north of Indian River and US-23 in downtown Cheboygan is designated as M-27. However, since the segment of I-75 which effectively replaces this section of US-27 has not yet been completed and opened to traffic from Indian River to Mackinaw City, it is not clear whether the US-27 route markers are swapped out for M-27 signs at this time or if that process waits for the completion of the freeway in 11½ months.
  1962 (Nov 15) New! 2024-02 – A realignment for the former route of US-27—newly redesignated as M-27—along Straits Hwy is officially established as a state trunkline route through the new I-75 interchange north of Indian River, although the freeway itself from this point northerly opened to traffic ten days prior. Additionally, the former route of US-27 from the I-75 interchange (present-day Exit 313) southerly through Indian River to M-68 is also officially cancelled as a state trunkline route, although this portion of former US-27 was never designated as part of M-27.
  1965 (Jan 20) New! 2024-02 – A new, shorter cut-off route for M-27 in the Long Point area along the west shore of Mullett Lake in Cheboygan Co, approximately 3½ miles northeast of Topinabee, is officially established as a 0.602-mile state trunkline route, replacing the former 0.663-mile alignment closer to shore, which is cancelled and transferred to county control, now named Old US-27 Hwy.
  1982 (Oct)—1983 (Mar) New! 2023-04 – In October 1982, some MDOT staffers internally propose terminating M-33 at its jct with M-27 four miles south of downtown Cheboygan, thereby eliminating the concurrent M-27/M-33 route into the city from the south. By March 1983, others within the department concur and plans are made to remove M-33 markers along M-27 which likely happens later in 1983 or in 1984. (See Notes section above for details.)
Controlled Access: No portion of M-27 is freeway or expressway.
NHS: No portion of M-27 is on the National Highway System (NHS).
Memorial Highway: At present, no portion of M-27 has been designated as part of a Memorial Highway.
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